10 Best Water Purifiers in India For 2022 (Reviews)

The Best Water Purifiers in India 2022 is listed here.

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The Water purifier market in India is big with a lot of models getting launched from companies around the globe. Through this post, one can pick the best options of water purifiers for their home.

10 Best Water Purifiers in India 2022

1. LG Puricare WW182EP Water Purifier

10 Best Water Purifiers in India For 2022 (Reviews) 1

  • Capacity: 8 litres
  • Warranty: 1 year on product
  • Technology: RO water purifiers with taste enhancer

The LG water purifier is so far the Best Water Purifier in India as per our research. It comes with dual protection that is made of stainless steel materials. The RO purifier storage capacity is 8 litres and comes with 1 year warranty. The purification process is done is 3 steps, true filtration, true preservation and true maintenance. The filtration process takes place in multi level reverse osmosis process that removes microorganism from water.

The preservation process is the purified water is stored in stainless steel water tank that keeps water fresh and keeps away from bacterial growth keeps water safe by treating it with UV Plus LED to sterilize stored water, The RO recovery plus saves water.

The maintenance of water is done with Digital sterilizing care that sterilizes water by removing harmful chemicals. The mineral booster helps to add essential minerals in water to make it healthier, the ro purifier contains 2 outlet taps one for drinking and the recycled water for vegetable and fruit cleaning water.

Why we rate them as the #1 product?


  • Only model that comes with stainless steel water container.
  • Mineral booster stores the mineral unlike other devices which let minerals pass through waste water.
  • five stage RO filtration system.
  • Hands Free Maintenance and service
  • Smart display for every indicators
  • 2 in 1 care makes secondary water usable for washing fruits and vegetables.


  • Not a budget friendly.

Though we put a list of top ten purifiers but nothing comes close to what this LG model does. There is no other product offers stainless steel tankers, mineral booster which keeps essential minerals stay in water and not passing outside during filtration process. 

2. HUL Pureit Ultima RO + UV Water Purifer

10 Best Water Purifiers in India For 2022 (Reviews) 2

  • Capacity: 10 litres
  • 7-stage purification
  • Warranty: 1 year on product

It is a water purification system from Hindustan Unilever Limited, which is particularly designed for Indian homes. It stands among one of the excellent systems available right now.

The HUL water purifier, one of the stylish Best Water Purifiers in India comes with storage capacity of 10 litres and warranty of 1 year. The purifier comes with a digital purity indicator to know the purity of water, saves water from 80%. The mineral cartridge is used to add essential minerals like calcium and magnesium to make water healthier. The RO process removes hazardous organic chemicals and the purification process takes place in 7 stages that ensures to have RO+UV+MF membrane to provide safe water.

The purification stages are PP melt blown pre-sediment filter, pre-RO carbon filter, post-carbon sediment filter, reverse osmosis membrane, UV chamber, post-RO carbon filter and micro filtration membrane. The double purity lock indicates when the filter is about to expire before 15 days and stops purification when it is not changed. The flow rate of purified water is 28 litres per hour, reduces TDS and make it consumable. The purifier comes with 2 germ kill kit to remove germs completely.

3. Aquaguard Geneus RO + UV + UF Water Purifer

10 Best Water Purifiers in India For 2022 (Reviews) 3

  • Technology: RO+UV water purifiers
  • Capacity:7 litres
  • Warranty details: 1 year on product

Another option is the Aquaguard Geneus, which is the right choice. It is based on all three technologies RO, UV and UF. It can detect the quality of the input water. It has a 7 liter water capacity to be stored. It discards the excess minerals and provide with the right amount of minerals in the clean and treated water.

The Aquaguard water purifier comes with 6 litres storage and 1 year warranty, the purifier is compact and can be mounted on wall or in table top. The water purifier comes with auto mineral modulator that maintains water essential minerals to make it healthier. The G-tech sensor helps to select the purification process automatically, the LCD indicates the water level of the tank, the fault indicator is used to indicate when there is fault in the purifier.

The purification stages are HD RO membrane, reverse osmosis membrane, mineral guard, active copper maxx, biotron cartridge. The water that is purified is safe like boiling water, the mineral guard helps to maintain essential minerals to deliver healthier water. The water flow rate is 15 litre per hour and are suitable for all TDS level 1-2000 mg/litre.


  • TDS levels up to 2000 ppm
  • Helps users to see the water level
  • LED display is available
  • Water level sensor


  • Higher maintenance cost
  • Water can be wasted

4. Kent Maxx UV + UF Water Purifer

10 Best Water Purifiers in India For 2022 (Reviews) 4

  • 7 liter storage
  • Water-level indicator
  • Warranty: 1 year on product

Are you seeking for the best UV+UF water purifier? Then you have come to the right place. Here is the Kent Maxx water purifier that is rated 5 stars by more than two hundred people. It works with the water having a lot of dirt. It has features like; it can kill the bacteria, virus, and cysts in the water with the UV bulb. Another thing is that the presence of the UF membrane makes sure the water is free of all kinds of the suspended impurities. It is made of non-breakable and food-grade ABS plastic having built-in SMPS.

The Kent water purifier comes with removable storage tank that purifies water using UV filter to make it safe and healthier. The purifier is compact and can be mounted in wall, suited for all types of water. The storage capacity of water purifier is 7 litres and 1 year warranty. The filter stages are sediment filter, activated carbon filter and UF membrane.

The sediment layer removes visible suspended particles, the activated carbon pre-filter removes the impurities and bad odour, taste from water and UF membrane removes organic particles and micro-organisms. The purifier is suitable for all type of water and even for low TDS water. They are certified by WQA and NSF for water purifier. The purification capacity of the purifier is 1 litre per minute and maximum duty cycle is 120 litre per day.


  • No wastage of water
  • A budgeted water purifiers system
  • 7 liter storage
  • Need low maintenance cost
  • Water-level indicator


  • here is only one drawback, which is that water purifiers system is appropriate for low TDS water

5. Pureit Mineral Classic RO + UV Water Purifier

10 Best Water Purifiers in India For 2022 (Reviews) 5

  • Capacity: 6 litres
  • Warranty: 1 year on product
  • HUL Pureit Mineral RO + UV water purifier provides advanced 6-stage purification.

The Pureit water purifier comes with 6 litre water capacity and the purifier is suited for type of water like municipal water or bore water. The purifier does purification up to 2000ppm TDS level and make them healthier for drinking. The purification stages take place in 6 stages having mineral cartridge to add essential minerals in water to make them healthier.

The purification process are pre-sediment filter, pre-RO carbon filter, mini-filter, RO membrane, micro filtration membrane, and post RO carbon filter. They deliver dual life time performance than normal purifier, and saves water by 25%. The water level indicator helps to indicate when the purifier is full and fault indicator indicates when there is fault occurrence in the purifier. The purifier contains a germ kill kit to produce 6000 litres, the flow rate is 20 litres per hour and the purifier comes with 1 year warranty.


  • Water level indicator
  • 100% water crosses through RO
  • Best and affordable RO+UV


  • When it comes to the drawback, water may be wasted while using.

6. LivePure Glo Ro + UV + Mineralizer Water Purifer10 Best Water Purifiers in India For 2022 (Reviews) 6

10 Best Water Purifiers in India For 2022 (Reviews) 7

10 Best Water Purifiers in India For 2022 (Reviews) 8

  • 7 liter storage
  • It has RO + UV + UF + Taste enhancer technology
  • 7 stages of purification

Last but not the least, it is also the best RO+UV water purifier in India, people can rely on. Many users have used it and are happy with its results as it works with all sorts of water sources. It converts impure water having TDS levels of more than 1500 ppm into clean water. UV bulb ensures that life-threatening bacteria protozoa, virus get killed.

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The Livepure water purifier comes with 7 litre water capacity and warranty of 1 year. The purifier is compact and durable serves for 5 to 11 people and looks compact to fit in your kitchen. The purification process under goes 6 stages, sediment filter removes larger particles from water, pre-activated carbon filter and absorber helps to remove organic particles, bad odour and taste, RO membrane removes harmful chemicals and reduces TDS, UV disinfection column treats water and makes it free from bacteria and viruses, silver impregnated post carbon filter improves water taste and mineral cartridge maintains required essential minerals in water. The purification indicator helps to indicate during the purification process, tank full indicator helps to shut-off when the tank is full. 


  • 7 liter storage
  • RO+ UV+ Mineralizer
  • Compact and sleek design


  • Water may be wasted
  • Absence of water level indicator

7. Kent Ace Mineral RO TM RO+ UV + UF Water Purifier

10 Best Water Purifiers in India For 2022 (Reviews) 9

  • Storage capacity is 7 liters
  • It has a porous UF membrane
  • An auto shut off feature

It is one of the dominant models of the water purifier from a reputed brand Kent, which has achieved success for a variety of models of purification systems. The Kent purifier comes with mineral RO technology that comes with TDS controller to make water purifier suitable for all type of water like tap/municipal/backwater. The purifier capacity is 8 litres, 1 year warranty and 3 year service AMC.

The purification process takes place in sediment filter to remove visible suspended particle, activated carbon filter removes organic chemicals like chlorine and lead, RO membrane treats water by removing bad odour and taste, UV and UF filter removes microorganisms like bacteria, virus and protozoa and TDS controller helps to reduce TDS of water to make it consumable.

The UV and UF serves as double purification to serve pure and safe water. When filter needs to be changed the indicator helps to find it, the purifier is certified by WQA and NSF. The purifier body is made of high quality ABS food grade plastic and the purifier must be fitted over the wall.


  • It has a porous UF membrane
  • It filters completely to provide pure water
  • Less electricity consumption
  • Reduced electricity bills
  • Certified and verified due to its performance
  • CE Certified


  • Needs regular maintenance that is the biggest problem among users
  • Appropriate for purification with special abilities of power fluctuation handling only
  • Frequent repairs are needed felt by users

8. Aquaguard Enhance 7L RO + UV + TDS Water Purifier

10 Best Water Purifiers in India For 2022 (Reviews) 10

  • I-Filter technology eliminates the suspended particles from water.
  • Capacity:7 litres.
  • It is completely automatic in nature.

Need to buy the best TDS level based water purifiers system? Then, you have reached your destination where you will be going to select the best model for you that is none other than Aquaguard Enhance RO + UV + TDS water purifier with 7L capacity. It is focused at providing with water that is entirely healthy, pure, and safe. Its features are mentioned below:

The Aquaguard water purifier delivers safe water by treating with RO and UV/UF. The iFilter helps to remove larger particles in water, chemi-block removes organic impurities and chlorine in water, mineral guard retains essential minerals in water like calcium and magnesium, the taste enhancer improves water taste by removing bad odour and taste from water, biotron cartridge breaks water molecule to make them consumable. The RO cartridge reduces the TDS in water by making it healthier and improves taste, UV chamber fights against micro-organisms to remove bacteria and virus. The ultra-filtration makes water clear and safe. The water flow rate is 15 litres per hour and the type of purifier is thin film composite RO.


  • It works on the RO + UV filtration systems
  • There is little or no noise at all
  • It has a good capacity to store
  • It is completely automatic in nature
  • It gives considerably better and enhanced taste
  • It completely removes the bacteria


  • One of the major drawbacks is that it produces lots of water, while ejecting the waste water through the pipe, which something takes it as a big concern.

9. Blue Star Stella RO + UV 8.2 L RO + UV Water Purifier

10 Best Water Purifiers in India For 2022 (Reviews) 11

  • Touch sensor
  • Sediment filter with super fine technology
  • 250-liter purification capacity

Another one of the best RO water purification system with 8.2 Liter capacity along with the Ultrahigh feature of the TDS removal (96%) guarantees you with the purest and safe drinking water. It is blue star having a double-layered UV+RO protection. This water purification  does not compromise the safety of its users because it holds Reverse Osmosis that removes suspended elements, ions, dissolved impurities, microorganism while the UV feature deactivates cysts, bacteria, and deadly viruses. With a plethora of feature, it gives water at its best. It is a number one water purifier packed with amazing features to enjoy the safest drinking water.

The blue star purifiers serves purified water in hot, cold and room temperature. The super fine sediment water filter removes suspended particles from water that are less than 5 microns, the RO+UV layer removes impurity ions and make it safe by removing microorganisms, reduces water TDS to make it healthier. The purification capacity is 250 litres, the auto clean function makes purifier clean, automatically cleans stagnated water after 4 days. The taste enhancer improves water taste by removing bad odour and taste. 

The child lock function is enable in heating mode to keep safe from children, the superior water recovery saves water up to 33%. Anti stagnant ripple technology ensures stagnated water to be used first. The blue star water purification process under goes sediment water filter to remove suspended particles, pre-carbon water filter removes organic particles, RO membrane to remove bad odour and taste from water, post-carbon water filter fight against dissolved impurities, UV lamp to remove microbial elements.


  • Ultra high total dissolved salts removal technology
  • Electronic button for dispensing
  • 250-liter purification capacity
  • RO membrane


  • Requires installation by professionals
  • Pricey
  • Weekly cleaning required for UF membrane
  • Requires electricity

10. Kent Pearl 8L RO + UV + UF Water Purifier

10 Best Water Purifiers in India For 2022 (Reviews) 12

  • Double purification unit (UV+RO+ UF)
  • Patented RO technology suitable for different water resources
  • Auto-flushing system

The high technology is a boon for the humanity and it is quite true when it comes to safe drinking water. Kent pearl 8 L RO + UV +UF Water Purifier is a great invention of the technology on which you can trust blindly.  It is a fully automatic and computerized system that definitely deserves to be on our top list of water purifiers. This water purification unit is having versatile features, discounts, benefits and affordable price. Suitable for all different sorts of water sources, it can be installed in both residential as well as commercial premises.

The Kent water purifier comes with storage capacity of 8 litres and double purification process RO combined with UV+UF. The computer operated technology helps to indicate when water filter changes required and UV alarm failure. The purifier is suitable for all types of water like bore water, tank water, and municipal taps. The inbuilt TDS controller is inbuilt with mineral booster to retain essential minerals in water. The purifier is certified by CE, NSF and Water quality association. The purification process is sediment layer, RO membrane, UV and UF filters and TDS controller. The purifier delivers pure and safe water. The warranty for purifier is 1 year.


  • Detachable large size tank
  • Can be installed on kitchen tops or mounted on walls
  • Effective UV lamp
  • Impressive ratings and reviews by the customers


  • Maintenance cost might be high for some
  • Requires 24×7 electricity to function

11. Kent Grand Plus TDS 8 L RO + UV +UF Water Purifier

10 Best Water Purifiers in India For 2022 (Reviews) 13
10 Best Water Purifiers in India For 2022 (Reviews) 13

  • Double purification unit (UV+RO+ UF)
  • Removable storage tank
  • Patented RO technology suitable for different water resources

Safe drinking water is an essential need to have a healthy and happy life and for that, you need to follow the trend. Kent Grand plus TDS 8 L RO + UV +UF Water Purifier is next on the list and it will definitely fit your needs. This water purification is one of the best-selling in India and is fully automated.  It can provide continuous safe drinking water with its 8liter capacity and fits to the needs of medium and small size family.

  • Removable storage tank
  • Double purification unit (UV+RO+ UF)
  • Certified from WQL GOLD seal & NSF
  • Patented RO technology suitable for different water resources
  • Food grade plastic used for the body
  • Inbuilt SMPS
  • Auto-flushing system
  • Huge power (11 watt UV lamp)
  • Leakproof


  • It has an 8-liter  storage tank that works in the absence of the electricity
  • It has a Spin-welded RO membrane to stop tampering
  • Suitable for all water sources
  • It adds extra minerals that have lost during RO
  • Users can adjust the level of minerals in the output water according to the desires
  • The high water filter rate of purification of the water, which is 15 L per hour


  • Many customers have complained about the poor and unfriendly after sales support from the company in some areas
  • It needs electricity to purify the water, however, the storage tank of this water purifier assists throughout the power cuts




LG Puricare WW182EP

8 L


HUL Pureit

10 L


Bluestar Majesto

8 L


Kent Grand 

8 L


Kent Pearl 8

8 L


AquaGuard Enhance

7 L


Kent Ace Mineral

7 L


Livepure Glo

7 L


Pureit Mineral Classic

6 L


Is Water Purifier Required in India?

There are a plethora of harmful substances that are present in the regular water systems and everyone is aware of this fact. This is the reason you will see people running after Best Water Purifiers, advertisements running on your TV screen, people guiding each other about safe drinking water etc.

These are the things, which cannot be neglected. People are becoming worried about drinking water purity.  It is definitely a matter of concern because every day there are reports found about dangerous substances and metals found in the tap water.

Today drinking tap water directly is no less than drinking poison. Several health problems can occur from drinking tap water and some are also life-threatening. This is the only reason why it is important to drink water from purifiers. The best way to get clean and safe drinking water is by installing Best RO water purifier in India.

In India, there is a trend to boil water before drinking, but this is no longer a sure shot way to make the water safe. Boiling water can kill only bacteria, but it cannot eliminate led and other dangerous chemicals. Today’s advanced purifiers are loaded with different types of features that ensure 100% clean drinking water.

Why is it Important to Choose Right Water Purifier for Your Home?

No matter how clean the water looks, there is still no guarantee of its germ-free and purity. It is likely that there might be pathogens which are not visible to the naked eyes resulting in diseases.  The water you are drinking might also have TDS, contaminants like arsenic and lead. There are 8 majorities in India where 77% of disease are accounted for the waterborne disease such as typhoid, jaundice, and cholera.  According to the surveys, it was also found that TDS level is above permissible in many Indian regions including Bangalore, Delhi, and Mumbai.

For this reason, many families, businesses, schools and others have turned to best water purification to make sure that the water they are drinking is healthy and clean. Today the market is flooded with different brands offering different types of water purification, with different features and prices.  You just have to do is to complete your homework before you buy any.  In the beginning of your research make sure that you know about your water condition so that you can get a right purifier. This will also help you in getting a right choice. You will also be amazed to find different technologies that are available in the market.

TDS Ratio in Water

Water is a pretty good solvent and it can easily pick impurities. The pure water is regarded as the one that is odorless, colorless and tasteless and of course, is a universal solvent.  TDS – Total Dissolved Solids comprise the inorganic salts which can be

  • Chlorides
  • Sodium
  • Potassium
  • Magnesium
  • Calcium and sulfates

TDS originates from natural resources such as urban runoff, sewage, chemicals utilized in the treatment process of water etc. Today with the advanced purifier systems we can adjust the TDS level of the water and according to studies, it should be close to 30PPM.  The BIS has also fixed the TDS upper limit at 500 ppm. Well, you do not need to go in depth if the science I puzzling yours. You’re the salesman will help you with a precise demonstration.

Health Issues from Unsafe Drinking Water

It is extremely important to gain knowledge of why you will need a best water purifier system at your home. There are health effects concerns with the contaminated drinking water. The side effects can range from no issues to severe sickness or death. Some side effects are immediate and some can also take time to get noticed. These includes

  • Diarrhea
  • Cramps
  • Vomiting
  • Nausea

There are many factors that can make the side effects worse such as age, health status, contaminant type, amount and how long the individual drinking the contaminant water.  With the installation of the best RO water purification systems, these threats can be eliminated.

What contaminants might water contain?

  • Coli:- these bacteria dwell in the humans as well as animals, in case E.Coli is found in the water it indicates that animal feces or human sewage has contaminated the water supply.
  • Bacteria: – a presence of bacteria in drinking water is considered unsafe for human consumption. Heavy rains, spring runoff, wear and tear of water systems are some of the factors that can cause bacteria present in the water.
  • Pesticides and herbicides: – these contaminants are the results of household and agricultural use and can contaminate the water sources.
  • Nitrates: – nitrates presence in drinking water is the result of agricultural activities and its excessive consumption can lead to Blue Baby Syndrome. In this case, the ability of the blood reduces to carry oxygen in different body parts.

These are common contaminants which are found in the drinking water supply. Still, there is a huge population in India which is drinking unsafe drinking water. To make people aware there are several campaigns going on. The best way to get rid of these common contaminants and to make water supply healthy for drinking from cheap to highly expensive water purifiers are available for each type of individuals with different budgets and needs.

Economic burdens faced by people

Apart from health burdens people also suffer from economic burdens. Once the people get infected with the waterborne disease the number of days spent in sickness is 23, which led to a loss of workdays and schools resulting in the loss of income. A considerable financial burden is also put on the households which are the result of the treatment cost. Families with low income suffer from huge economic stress. To prevent this installing water purifier is the most affordable way. There are basic RO systems that are available at affordable rates. Spending money on a water purifier system is a long-term investment towards your health and a health of your loved ones. Thus, it is important to install a new or replace your old school purifiers and get best for your health.  There are different types of water purification available and all of them are mentioned below for a better understanding and for making the best choice.

RO filter Water Purification 

All those who are looking for a water purifier that holds the ability to provide you with the outstanding water supply for your business or home, the reverse osmosis filtration is an amazing and the most popular choice.  There are millions of Indians who are having RO purification systems installed in their home due to facts

  • It is an automated water purification system
  • It is safe and effective
  • It produces taste in water
  • It is affordable

Why choose RO water purification?

There are a plenty of reasons why you must choose RO water purification such as

  • There are very few replacement and moving parts which makes it easy to maintain.
  • RO filtration technology improves the odor, taste and even the appearance of the water as it can eliminate all the contaminants that cause odor and taste issues in water.
  • Ro systems can effectively remove all the contaminants and impurities from the water such as sulfates, nitrates, bacteria, lead and many other. It is having carbon filters that can also remove chloramines and chlorine from water.
  • No need to buy water supply anymore because RO systems provide much healthier and full of quality.

How does RO system work?

RO is a process in which TDS is eliminated from the water. This process takes place when water is pushed through a semi-permeable membrane. It is very straightforward and simple to understand water filtration process. This system is attached directly to the tap in the kitchen. The impurity which cannot pass through the semi-permeable membrane is flushed down through a drain. This way users get clean, healthy safe and delicious drinking water. If you buy a good quality RO unit then it might have 4 to 5 stage process to provide you with maximum quality. RO is not a new technology but exists since 1977.  Today it is becoming very popular due to the factors that it is cost-effective, safe and absolutely easy to maintain.

Basic components of RO

  • Storage tank
  • RO membrane
  • Pre-filter
  • Postfilter
  • Check valve
  • Cold water line valve
  • Faucet
  • Drain line

Are all the RO filters and systems same?

There are different types available in the market, but there is a difference between them. There are 3 basic differences, which are

  • Number of filters and stages
  • Components quality
  • Amount of water to be filtered every day

There are a huge improvement and advancements gained by the new era RO water filtration systems. From basic to top-notch RO systems are available in different price ranges.  Make sure that you go with the right choice.

UV Filter water purification

Aging infrastructure in many places can lead to a boost in the possible contamination. Here comes the need of the ultraviolet technology that can provide with complete peace of mind. A UV water purification system is capable of destroying 99.9% of waterborne microorganisms. There are many reasons why should you invest in the UV system. Take a look at some of them:

  • It is an environmentally friendly system to go with
  • It is a reliable solution that works for 24X7
  • It is also a cost-effective option
  • It is a chemical free system
  • There is no handling of chemicals
  • It does not offer any trouble
  • It is also easy to clean
  • It uses the low energy
  • It does not waste water
  • It is approved by the FDA
  • It relies on the quick process

Components of the UV filter systems and its working

When you are decided to buy it, you should buy the best UV purification system that can really help you. How it works? UV is a kind of energy found in the electromagnetic spectrum that lies between visible light and x-rays. This is why it has been used in these systems. It depends on a proper mechanism. These systems use special lamps that release UV light of a certain wavelength that have the ability according to their length to kill the DNA of micro-organisms. A 254 nm frequency is used to kill microorganisms. As water supply crosses through this system, living orgasms come in contact with the UV light that attacks the DNA and rearranges it, which help to eliminate the microorganism’s ability to reproduce and function. Different types of contaminants are addressed by this system, which include bacteria, viruses, cysts, E.coli, Polio, Dysentery, Giardia, Coliform, Salmonella, Typhoid fever, and a lot more.

Its components are:

  • UV Ballast or simply Controller Unit
  • UV Chamber
  • Inlet for untreated water
  • Outlet for treated or clean water
  • UV Sensor
  • UV Quartz Sleeve
  • UV Lamp
  • Solenoid Valve
  • Flow Meter

With the proper understanding of the UV system, you can easily look for a better quality UV filter unit. It is essential to note that all UV systems much be utilized with a sediment filter. You can find the best UV water purification system that has a sediment filter, which makes the sediment that is permitted to pass through the UV system and can kill bacteria.

UF Filter water purification

This type of system is known as the Ultra Filtration, which is another water purification unit that works without electricity. When it functions, all the bacteria are removed and killed. Not only this, it also works on the variety of viruses and microorganisms from water and gives you clean and pure water. The main thing to notice is that this system eliminates all the dead bacteria and germs from the water once they are killed. There is no need for electricity to operate this system because it does not need tap water pressure. The regular pipe water pressure is used to make it function well.

The major drawback associated with this purification technology is that it will not abolish the dissolved solids in the water. This is when you are sure about the level of liquefied solids in the water, and then this type of purification system is a must to have. While on the other hand, if you are not familiar with the TDS levels in the water, you can opt for a reverse osmosis water purifier.

The efficiency of the UF water purification

These are the best water purification system with UF technology that can last for 10 years. These systems function well with a municipally supplied pipe, as well as, tap water. The reason is that both supplies of these types of water do not have issues with toxic chemicals, TDS, arsenic, and other types of metals. It works on membrane technology.

Components of the UF water purification

The UF technology-based water purification system is equipped with UF membrane having a micron pore diameter that helps to eliminate harmful micro-organisms like cysts, viruses, and bacteria that allows important minerals to pass. These systems are a combination of sediment cartridge that works to filter the suspended impurities such as clay and fine sand. At the same time, it also combines silver impregnated carbon and activated carbon cartridge that assists with the elimination of all the chemical impurities such as chlorine, color, and odor from water. This way, it helps to make the water pure to drink.

These are some types of the best water purification systems that you can use to clean and filter the water and make it able to drink in an easy and effective manner. They just need a small investment and you will get the proper help of these systems to prevent many health hazards and diseases.

From the list of these top 10 water purification from different brands, you can choose the best one that meets your needs and budget. Cost is another factor that you need to consider while selecting the best water purification for your home. cost of these purifiers can be checked online. Look online for other brands and compare them on the basis of the features, benefits, and much more. So, start your search now and ensure to obtain a right fit for your home!

Best Water Purifiers in India For 2022 With Price