10 Best Water Purifiers Under 10000 India (2021)

Best Water Purifiers Under 10000

By looking at our recommended models, you can choose between the best and list of best water purifier under 10000 in India for 2021.

Are you searching for a water purifiers that gives you unparallelead safe water to drink? Do you have a fixed budget of below 10K for the water purifier? Getting confused by the host of options available out there? Well! I am here to clear your doubts by reviewing Top 10 Best Water Purifiers Under 10000 India in Available for below 10000 budget.

With pollution increasing day by day getting clean water to drink is becoming an uphill task. Though we have realized now and are taking steps to conserve our natural resources in a better manner; getting 100% clean water to drink is still an objective which we haven’t achieved yet. Go ahead and check out the list which, definitely, will help you in making your decision regarding water purifier to be bought for your family.

Best Water Purifier Under 10000

1. Pureit Advanced RO+MF 5-Litre Water Filter

  • Capacity: 5 litres
  • Warranty: 1 year on product 
  • It can be used for TDS upto 2000 ppm

The Pureit water purifier comes with advanced 6 stage purification process that delivers pure water for drinking. The capacity of purifier is 5 litres. The 6 step purification are: PP melt blown pre-sediment filter, pre-RO carbon filter, sediment filter, reverse-osmosis membrane, micro-filtration and post-RO carbon filter. They also remove TDS from water to make them in the range of 1800PPM. The purifier water flow is about 9 to 12 litres per hour. The purifier is made of high quality non-toxic plastic, and protected from voltage fluctuations. The germ kill kit removes microorganisms, pesticides, heavy metals and the purifier has 2 germ kill kit, one purify at the rate of 3000 per litre and the purify at the rate of 6000 per litre.


  • Water taste is retained.
  • Free installation and demo.
  • Maintenance cost is less.
  • Works in as low as 100 Volts AC Power.


  • 5 Litre storage capacity not enough for a big family.
  • Makes little noise while in operation.
  • There is no LED indicator to alert for kit change.
  • Require to buy a booster pump separately.
  • Cons

2. HUL Pureit Marvella Slim RO Water Purifier

  • It has a long filter life of 6000 litres
  • 7-stage purification with RO+UV+MF+MP
  • 1 year warranty

One of the coolest RO water purifiers out there it has a RO Purity Lock which ensures safe drinking water.

The HUL water purifier has double stage purification RO+MF and 6 stage advanced purification process. The process are pre-sediment filter, pre-RO carbon filter, post-carbon sediment filter, RO membrane, micro filtration and post-RO carbon filter. The storage capacity of purifier is 4 litres, they reduce TDS and make them consumable. The purifier is compact, which can be kept in your counter-top, has RO purity lock that indicate when there is requirement to change the RO membrane. The taste enhancer removes bad odour, taste from water and deliver pure water, they are equipped to protect purifier when there is voltage fluctuation. The germ kill kit is designed to purify 4000 per litre and it depends on water pressure, TDS and temperature.


  • No annual maintenance cost. Maintenance is only needed when required.
  • Free installation and demo.
  • Micro-charged membrane which gives double protection.
  • Alert system that 15 days prior kit changing alert.
  • Works in as low as 100 Volts AC Power.


  • The storage capacity of 4 Litres not enough for a big family.
  • Makes little noise while in operation.
  • Expensive spare parts which escalates the maintenance cost.

3. Pureit Mineral RO+MF 6 L Water Purifier.

  • Capacity: 6 litres
  • Warranty: 1 year on product
  • Advanced 6-stage purification

Advanced 6 stage purification through RO + MF Technology.

The Pureit water purifier is designed with advanced RO purification technology, which has double lifetime for filter at maintenance cost. The purifier delivers pure water by removing the impurities, pesticides, harmful chemicals and has storage capacity of 6 litres. The mineral cartridge adds required essential minerals like calcium and magnesium in water to make it healthy. The purifier has double purity lock that ensures pure water, smart power mode indicates when the tank is full and it is made of high quality food grade plastic. The purification process includes pre-sediment filter, pre-RO carbon filter, mini filter, RO membrane, micro filtration membrane and post RO carbon filter.


  • Free installation and demo.
  • Advanced alert system that gives warning 15 days prior the germ kill kit is over.
  • Alert system if the purified water reserve goes below 3 Litres.
  • Works in as low as 100 Volts AC Power.


  • Good for use by a small family only.

4. Kent Maxx 7-Litre UV Water Purifier

  • 7-Litres tank
  • Warranty: 1 year on product
  • Technology: UV +UF water purification

India’s first UV Water purifiers with a detachable storage tank. The purifier comes with dual filtration, UV filter and UF membrane to deliver pure water by removing bacterial and virus, the storage tank is detachable and the design is compact to fit in your kitchen. The purifier is suitable for filtering municipal water and domestic water. The storage capacity of purifier is 7 litres and are easy to clean. The purification process are sediment filter, activated carbon and UF membrane. The sediment layer removes visible impurities, the activated carbon pre-filter removes bad odour and colour from water and UF membrane remove harmful microbial elements. They also reduce TDS level to make it consumable and is certified by WQA and NSF.


  • UV + UF Filtration process offering double protection.
  • Free installation and demo.
  • Filter change alarm and UV Failure alarm.
  • Fast purification capacity.
  • Storage tank is detachable so makes it quite easy to clean.
  • Transparent water storage container makes it easy to see how much water is present.


  • Only suitable for municipal water with very low TDS.
  • Suitable to be used by small family as capacity is only 7 Litres.
  • Need to change filter kit after every 5 months or so

5. Eureka Forbes Smart UV Water Purifier

  • 1 Year Warranty
  • TDS can be used upto 200
  • Technology:  Superior UV Purification.

The purifier comes with a smart cross-beam UV filtration that provides safe water by removing bacteria and virus. They smart flow technology delivers 2 litre of water in a minute, the voltage stabiliser helps to maintain during voltage fluctuations. The purifier comes with 12 months warranty. The purification process is done is 3 stages, first layer removes suspended particles, the second layer removes organic impurities like pesticides, lead, bas taste and order from water, third stage and fourth stage of purification is treated with UV rays to remove bacteria, virus, protozoa and cyst. The purifier delivers chemical free water and retains essential minerals in water.


  • Mineral guard technology that retains essential minerals in water.
  • Free installation and demo.
  • Automatic shutting off of UV Lamp when not in use for 10 minutes.
  • Long life cartridge up to 6000 litres.
  • Can be installed on wall as well as table top.
  • Taste of water is good.


  • No storage tank is there with this water purifier so you can’t get pure water when there is no electricity.
  • Motor is not provided so won’t be able to give best performance under low water pressure conditions.
  • Suitable only for municipality supply water.

6. Eureka Forbes Aquasure Nano Purifier

  • Storage capacity of 4 Litres.
  • 1 year warranty from the manufacturer.
  • Error Indication: It will indicate in case of any failure in the purification process

The Eureka Forbes water purifier capacity is 4 litres and the purification process comes with 4 layers sediment filter, chemical removal, RO membrane and taste enhancer. The purifier reduces the water TDS to 90% to make them safe for drinking. The energy saving mode saves energy by auto shut-off when the storage tank is full, the in-built voltage stabilizer balances voltage during fluctuation, the smart performance makes the purifier deliver safe and secure water. The error indicator that is present indicates when there is fault occurred in purifier. The purifier is compact which can be mounted in wall or kept in table-top. The water purifier comes with 1 year warranty.


  • Free installation and demo.
  • Can be either wall mounted or put on table top.
  • Good for salty or brackish water.
  • Comes with a wall mounting stand.
  • Taste of water is very good.


  • Has a capacity of 4 Litres which is not suitable for a big family.
  • Cost of spare parts is a bit higher.
  • Flow of water slower as compared to other water purifiers.
  • No maintenance or purity indicator present

7. Eureka Forbes Aquasure Aqua Flo DX UV Water Purifier

  • Warranty: 1 year on product
  • RO water purifier
  • 5 stage reverse osmosis

Eureka Forbes Aquasure Aquaflow water purifier look compact and stylish for your perfect kitchen. The purification process occurs in 3 stages by integrating UV technology during filtration to remove bacteria, virus, and harmful germs. The purifier contains a dual cartridge with the life span of 3000 litres, the water flow rate is 2 litres per minute. The energy saver mode shuts-off UV lamp when they are not in use, error indicator indicates when there are many malfunctioning in purifier. They are suitable for all types of water either municipal or corporation. The purifier comes with 1 year warranty and has a glass holder.


  • Free installation and demo.
  • Can be mounted on the wall as well as kept on table top.
  • Energy saver mode.
  • Error indicator.
  • Extra cartridges just cost about Rs.375/-


  • It has no storage so you can’t get purified water if there is no electricity.
  • Suitable only for municipal water with TDS ranging from 1-200 mg/l.
  • Might go in to standby mode and you are required to wait for up to 1 minute at that point to get water.

8. Aquaguard Reviva NXT UV 8.5 L UV Water Purifier

  • RO Purifying Technology
  • Total Capacity: 8.5 L
  • Type: Electrical & Storage

The Aquaguard Reviva water purifier is suitable for low TDS water and Reviva technology that contains e-boiling technology that comes with 5 stage technology. The purifier comes with 8.5 litre water capacity, they deliver water that is safe similar to boiling water purity. The purifier comes with advanced technology of having Active Cooper and Mineral Guard. The iFilter removes visible suspended particles, chemi-block filter removes organic impurities like chlorine or lead, mineral guard retains essential minerals like calcium and magnesium in water, taste enhancer delivers pure water for drinking and active copper infuses copper in water. The UV chamber removes microorganism that are harmful in water and the purifier comes with 12 months of warranty.


  • Can be either wall mounted or set on the table top.
  • Retains important minerals in the drinking water.
  • Free installation and demo.


  • Unable to eliminate the salty taste of the water.
  • Suitable only for municipal water having low TDS levels.
  • No indicators and alerts as such

9. Tata Swach Viva Silver UV+UF 

  • Capacity:7 litres
  • Technology: RO+UV water purification
  • Warranty details:1 year on product

The Tata Swach water purifier comes with silver UV and UF dual protection that removes harmful organism in water like bacteria, virus, protozoa and cysts. The storage capacity of water purifier is 6 litres, the purification process occurs in 4 stages: Sediment filter, pre-carbon, UV filtration and UF membrane. The sediment filter removes visible impurities like dust or any suspended particles, Pre-carbon layer removes organic impurities like chlorine, bad odour and taste from water, the layer is equipped with silver technology that removes bacteria, UV layer fight against micro-organism that harmful for human and UF membrane removes dissolved minerals and salt from water. The purifier looks elegant, stylish and compact that fits in your kitchen wall. 


  • No cleaning required as the storage tank is concealed and contaminant free.
  • Screw-less front panel opening.
  • Auto shut off when the tank is full.
  • Energy Saver
  • No water wastage.


  • Have to be mounted on the wall.
  • Suitable for municipal corporation water.
  • Outlet tap should be handled carefully.
  • Spare parts are a little costly though.
  • Requires high-pressure water supply.

10. Tata Swach Nova Silver 

  • Warranty details:1 year on product
  • Technology: RO water purification
  • Capacity:4 litres

The Tata Swach water purifier comes with 4 litre storage capacity. The purifier comes with 5 stage purification process sediment filter, pre-carbon cartridge, RO membrane, post carbon filter and UV membrane. They purifier is suitable for all type of water and reduces TDS to make it consumable. The tank full indicator helps to know when the purifier is full, a low water pressure indicator helps to indicate when your water pressure is below mentioned value. The water flow rate is 8 litres per hour and the purifier comes with 1 year warranty.


  • Screw-less front panel opening.
  • No cleaning required as the storage tank is concealed.
  • Auto shut off when a tank is full.
  • The booster pump is supplied along with.


  • Requires a high-pressure water supply
  • Storage is just of 4 Litres.
  • Outlet tap should be handled carefully.
  • Have to be mounted on the wall.




Pureit Advanced


HUL Marvella


Pureit Mineral


Kent Maxx


Eureka Forbes

Smart UV

Eureka Nano


Aquasure Aqua Flo


Aquaguard Reviva


TATA Swach




So, folks, these are the Top 10 Water Purifiers Available in India below 10 K.I hope now you will have a better insight regarding the water purifiers that you should buy.

Following up are easy and essential factors that will help you to know about the water purifiers in India. The knowledge of water purifiers is necessary before choosing the best purifier under 10000 in India. 

Initially, It is always advisable to know about the types of water you use. There are two different types of water. 

  • Hard water - Underground water, water drawn from borewells, water supply from tanks. Hard water usually contains fluoride, arsenic, and other heavy metals.
  • Soft water - Water from rivers, lakes, rain harvesting, or water supply from the municipality

A brief guide to best water purifier under 10000 in India

TDS is an abbreviation for Total Dissolved Solids, and this describes the inorganic salts and organic matters present in the water. The TDS usually consists of calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium carbonate, sulfate, nitrate ions, chloride, and hydrogen. TDS is measured in terms of parts per million. You can test the TDS level of your water in a lab or by using a TDS meter. TDS meter is available online and in stores also.

Further, the TDS level of water should be low and is suitable for drinking water. The suggested TDS level of drinking water is 200 ppm. Also, you have to still purify the water for drinking as it contains harmful chemicals. In general, the TDS level of groundwater is between 200 ppm and 3000 ppm, and you should need RO water to purify for cleaning the impurities.

Why should one buy the best water purifier under 10000 in India?

We all know that water is the most critical living source in the world. Moreover, drinking contaminated water causes several severe diseases in human beings. 

By drinking the purest and safest water, you can lead a healthy life. This is because the contaminated and impure drinking water contains many harmful chemicals and impurities. Hence, by using water purifiers, you can avoid diseases and ensure a healthy family lifestyle.

The water purifiers are available in different brands and use various techniques to purify the water. It removes harmful substances and also provides taste to the water. Let us see some of the types of water purifiers in India.

What are the types of best purifier under 10000 in India? 

  • RO water purifier

RO, also known as Reverse osmosis, is one of the trending and popular water purifiers. In this method, an external pump pushes the water across the membrane with pores measuring 0.0001 microns. The water molecules pass through the other side of the membrane and leave the impurities. Finally, the impurities are collected through a separate outlet.

One of the most significant advantages of RO is, it gives the purest form of water and uses two filters. The first one, sediment filter, removes all the impurities, and the second one, activated carbon, removes all the chemicals and foul odor. After filtration, it improves the taste of the water.

While seeing the disadvantage, RO requires electricity to force the water flow and provides more water wastage. But it reduces the TDS level of water.

  • UV water purifier

UV is an abbreviation of ultraviolet as it uses ultraviolet rays to purify the water from viruses and bacteria. This offers a fast purification process but does not remove the dissolved solids and chemicals from the water. Additionally, the UV lamps have to be replaced every six months or once a year as the intensity reduces over time.

UV purifier neutralizes the harmful chemicals and viruses and is available at a low price. The advantage of the UV water purifier is it does not require electricity. The major disadvantage is that it does not remove pesticides and heavy metals.

  • UF water purifier

UF water purifier is one of the popular filtration methods and uses a hollow fiber membrane. While water passes through this membrane, it removes the suspended solids and impurities. UF water purifier does not kill germs or microorganisms. The UF water purifier’s advantage is that it is suitable for water that contains low dissolved solids. 

UF water purifier does not require electricity and is one of the benefits of saving electricity. The disadvantage is it is only useful when it is used with other filtration methods.

  • Activated carbon water purifier

Activated carbon purifier is made of charcoal granules and absorbs pesticides and herbicides. This activated carbon water purifier works even without electricity and is one of the benefits. It also removes chemicals like chlorine in the water while the water passes through the granules. Moreover, it increases the taste of water and makes it suitable for drinking purposes.

Bottom line

If you go through all the factors and important essential notes we have shared, you will get an idea to choose the best water purifier under 10000 in India. We have also shared many of the best water purifiers under 10000 in India and hope you can select your suitable one from the water purifiers.