10 Best Water Purifiers Under 10000 India 2019

Are you searching for a water purifier that gives you unparallelead safe water to drink? Do you have a fixed budget of below 10K for the water purifier? Getting confused by the host of options available out there? Well! I am here to clear your doubts by reviewing Top 10 Water Purifiers Available in India for below 10000 budget.

With pollution increasing day by day getting clean water to drink is becoming an uphill task. Though we have realized now and are taking steps to conserve our natural resources in a better manner; getting 100% clean water to drink is still an objective which we haven’t achieved yet. Go ahead and check out the list which, definitely, will help you in making your decision regarding water purifier to be bought for your family.

Best Water Purifiers Below 10000 In India 2019



Pureit Advanced


HUL Marvella


Pureit Mineral


Kent Maxx


Eureka Forbes

Smart UV

Eureka Nano


Aquasure Aqua Flo


Aquaguard Reviva


TATA Swach





Pureit Advanced (RO + MF) 5 L RO + MF Water Purifier


  • With its advanced 6-stage purification process this RO water purifier ensures that your family gets clean and healthy drinking water.
  • Removes TDS up to 1800 PPM.
  • Constructed with food safe and non-toxic plastic.
  • Purification capacity of 9-12 Litres of water per hour.
  • 5 Litres Storage Tank
  • Break-Resistance Tap
  • Advanced Voltage Fluctuation Guard
  • Germ Kill Kit meets USA Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Standards.
  • The power rating of 36 watts.


  • Water taste is retained.
  • Free installation and demo.
  • Maintenance cost is less.
  • Works in as low as 100 Volts AC Power.


  • 5 Litre storage capacity not enough for a big family.
  • Makes little noise while in operation.
  • There is no LED indicator to alert for kit change.
  • Require to buy a booster pump separately.

HUL Pureit Marvella Slim RO Water Purifier

One of the coolest RO water purifier out there it has a RO Purity Lock which ensures safe drinking water.

  • Advanced 6 stage water purification process.
  • Compact, sleek and elegant design.
  • Advance alert system that alerts us for kit change 15 days prior.
  • Built using food safe and non-toxic plastic
  • Meets the norms of US EPA.
  • 4 Litres of Storage Tank.
  • Advanced voltage fluctuation guard.
  • Break resistance tap.
  • Purification rate of 9-12 Litres of water in an hour.
  • Power rating of 36 watts.
  • 1 year warranty.


  • No annual maintenance cost. Maintenance is only needed when required.
  • Free installation and demo.
  • Micro-charged membrane which gives double protection.
  • Alert system that 15 days prior kit changing alert.
  • Works in as low as 100 Volts AC Power.


  • The storage capacity of 4 Litres not enough for a big family.
  • Makes little noise while in operation.
  • Expensive spare parts which escalates the maintenance cost.

Pureit Mineral RO+MF 6 L RO + MF Water Purifier

Advanced 6 stage purification through RO + MF Technology.

  • Removes 1 Crore virus in a liter of water.
  • Purifies 10-12 Litres of water in an hour.
  • Built using food safe and non-toxic plastic.
  • Minerals are added to the water after purification to enhance the taste.
  • Alert is given when purified water reserve goes below 3 Litres.
  • Advance alert 15 days before Germ Kill kit is over.
  • 6 Litres of storage capacity.
  • Advanced voltage fluctuation guard.
  • Power rating of 60 watts.
  • Germ Kill Kit performance meets USA EPA standards.
  • 1 year warranty.


  • Free installation and demo.
  • Advanced alert system that gives warning 15 days prior the germ kill kit is over.
  • Alert system if the purified water reserve goes below 3 Litres.
  • Works in as low as 100 Volts AC Power.


  • Good for use by a small family only.

4.Kent Maxx 7-Litre UV Water Purifier

India’s first UV Water purifier with a detachable storage tank.

  • UV Filtration is followed by filtration from UF membrane.
  • Activated carbon filter removes bad taste and odor.
  • Water Quality Association (WQA), NSF and ISI certified.
  • LED indicator is present for power and water purification
  • 7 Litres storage capacity.
    • Components are push fit making it leak proof.
    • Both wall mountable as well as table top.
    • Purification capacity of 1 Litre per minute.


  • UV + UF Filtration process offering double protection.
  • Free installation and demo.
  • Filter change alarm and UV Failure alarm.
  • Fast purification capacity.
  • Storage tank is detachable so makes it quite easy to clean.
  • Transparent water storage container makes it easy to see how much water is present.


  • Only suitable for municipal water with very low TDS.
  • Suitable to be used by small family as capacity is only 7 Litres.
  • Need to change filter kit after every 5 months or so

Eureka Forbes Smart UV Water Purifier

  • Point of dispense purification method so as to retain purity of water till the end.
  • UV Purifier is fitted in a smart quartz glass tube enhancing water purification.
  • Smart flow technology which enables the purifier to give 2 Litres of water in a minute.
  • Voltage stabilizer is in-built and the purifier works flawlessly even in low voltage conditions.
  • UV Lamp sensing mechanism automatically switched off the UV Filter when it is not in use for 10 minutes.
  • No storage.
  • Power consumption of 20 watts.
  • Purification technology of Clarity Cartridge Chemi Block UV Chamber. Water goes through Clarity Cartridge, Carbon Cartridge and thereafter it is treated by UV rays.


  • Mineral guard technology that retains essential minerals in water.
  • Free installation and demo.
  • Automatic shutting off of UV Lamp when not in use for 10 minutes.
  • Long life cartridge up to 6000 lires.
  • Can be installed on wall as well as table top.
  • Taste of water is good.


  • No storage tank is there with this water purifier so you can’t get pure water when there is no electricity.
  • Motor is not provided so won’t be able to give best performance under low water pressure conditions.
  • Suitable only for municipality supply water.

Eureka Forbes Aquasure Nano 4 L RO Water Purifier

Product Features:

  • Best suited RO water purifier for water with a high TDS level.
  • Removes salty taste of the water also.
  • Energy saving mode which turns off the power once water tank is full.
  • In built voltage stabilizer protects the purifier from voltage fluctuations.
  • 5 stage purification through Reverse Osmosis process.

Product Specifications:

  • Storage capacity of 4 Litres.
  • Purifies up to 12 Litres of water in an hour.
  • Manual flush facility.
  • Works best for TDS level from 500 to 2000 mg /l.
  • 1 year warranty from the manufacturer.


  • Free installation and demo.
  • Can be either wall mounted or put on table top.
  • Good for salty or brackish water.
  • Comes with a wall mounting stand.
  • Taste of water is very good.


  • Has a capacity of 4 Litres which is not suitable for a big family.
  • Cost of spare parts is a bit higher.
  • Flow of water slower as compared to other water purifiers.
  • No maintenance or purity indicator present

Eureka Forbes Aquasure Aqua Flo DX UV Water Purifier

  • Product Features:
    • Smart Flow technology delivering up to 2 Litres of water in a minute.
    • Smart indicators are there for purifier life, cartridge life and also for machine diagnosis.
    • In built voltage stabilizer ensures smooth operation during voltage fluctuations.
    • Comes with a glass holding tray.
    • Power rating of 40 watts.
    • Dual cartridge inside the UV purifier to give you safe and healthy water.
    • Comes with a sediment filter which filters out salt, sand and also bad odor from the water.
    • UV Lamp is switched off automatically when not in use for 10 minutes.
    • Error indicator is there in case the purification process has malfunctioned.


  • Free installation and demo.
  • Can be mounted on the wall as well as kept on table top.
  • Energy saver mode.
  • Error indicator.
  • Extra cartridges just cost about Rs.375/-


  • It has no storage so you can’t get purified water if there is no electricity.
  • Suitable only for municipal water with TDS ranging from 1-200 mg/l.
  • Might go in to standby mode and you are required to wait for up to 1 minute at that point to get water.

Aquaguard Reviva NXT UV 8.5 L UV Water Purifier

  • Product Features:
    • It is a UV Water Purifier which is best suited for water having low TDS.
    • Unique e boiling plus technology ensures that your family gets safe drinking water.
    • Comes with an advanced mineral guard that retains important minerals in the purified water.
  • Product Specifications:
    • Does have the storage capacity of 8 Litres.
    • Purifies up to 25 Litres of water in an hour.
    • 16 Watts Power Consumption.
    • 1-year warranty on the product.


  • Can be either wall mounted or set on the table top.
  • Retains important minerals in the drinking water.
  • Free installation and demo.


  • Unable to eliminate the salty taste of the water.
  • Suitable only for municipal water having low TDS levels.
  • No indicators and alerts as such

Tata Swach Viva Silver UV+UF Wall Mounted 6-Litre Water Purifier


  • Double protection of UV and UF Membrane ensuring safe and healthy drinking water for your family.
  • Purifies water through 4 stages: Sediment, Pre-Carbon, UV Lamp and UF Membrane.
  • Does have tank full and UV fault indicators.
  • Concealed storage tank saving us the trouble of cleaning.
  • Eye catching design.

Product Specifications:

  • Purification capacity of about 30 Litres per hour.
  • Storage capacity of 6 Litres.
  • Power consumption of 22 Watts.
  • 1 year comprehensive warranty.
  • Inlet water switch off mechanism.
  • 01 micron membrane which is currently best in the market.


  • No cleaning required as the storage tank is concealed and contaminant free.
  • Screw-less front panel opening.
  • Auto shut off when the tank is full.
  • Energy Saver
  • No water wastage.


  • Have to be mounted on the wall.
  • Suitable for municipal corporation water.
  • Outlet tap should be handled carefully.
  • Spare parts are a little costly though.
  • Requires high-pressure water supply.

Tata Swach Nova Silver RO Wall Mounted 4-Litre

  • It is a RO water purifier and purifies water with TDS up to 2000 mg/l.
  • It gets cut off automatically at low pressure.
  • Also, there is an inlet water switch off mechanism in it.
  • There is a panel in front which has indicators of Power On, Purifying, Tank Full and Low Pressure.
  • It purifies water through a 4 stage water purification process.
  • Product Specifications:
    • Zero contaminant tank of 4 Litres which saves from the hassles of cleaning.
    • Purification rate of up to 8 Litres per hour.
    • 1-year comprehensive warranty.


  • Screw-less front panel opening.
  • No cleaning required as the storage tank is concealed.
  • Auto shut off when a tank is full.
  • The booster pump is supplied along with.


  • Requires a high-pressure water supply
  • Storage is just of 4 Litres.
  • Outlet tap should be handled carefully.
  • Have to be mounted on the wall.

So, folks, these are the Top 10 Water Purifiers Available in India below 10 K.I hope now you will have a better insight regarding the water purifier that you should buy.

In case you have questions to ask please feel free to put them down in the comments section below and I will be happy to help you. Also if you have a suggestion regarding a water purifier that should be a part of this list please do comment and let us know about it.