6 Best Gravity Based Water Purifiers In India 2021

Are you looking for the Best Gravity Based Water Purifier? Do the different brands in the market confuse you? Are you looking under the category of non-electric water purifiers for your home? Well! You have come to the right place as by the end of this post, definitely, all your confusion will be cleared.

There are many areas in India which don’t have access to clean water. In many areas in spite of having a water treatment plant, the quality of drinking water is not at par with the recommended standards. Clean drinking water is vital for life. You can survive without food for a month but without clean drinking water hardly more than two days. That’s in survival training we are taught to find water and shelter first and then look out for food in case we are stuck up at some unpleasant place.

Best Gravity Based Water Purifier Without Electricity in India 2021

Today we are going to review Top 5 Non-Electric Water Purifiers for Home Purpose India 2021 for youAs you can guess electricity is not required for these water purifiers so they are cheap in your pocket and convenient. Let us have a look at the list below:

Best Non- Electric Gravity Based Water Purifier India 2021.

1. Kent Gold Plus UF Gravity Water Purifier 

  • Capacity is 7 Litres.
  • 1-year Warranty
  • Based on Ultra-Filtration (UF) technology which eliminates harmful microbes like bacteria. Viruses & cysts.

The Kent water purifier is a gravity based water purifier that is designed with Ultra-Filtration technology that removes hazardous microorganisms like bacteria, virus, cysts and made of tamper proof material. The nano-silver carbon layer removes disinfectants from water. The purifier contains sediment and activated carbon filter, that removes visible impurities and bad odours from water. The purifier removes chemicals like chlorine, bromine and iodine from water and make it consumable. It is made of transparent, non-breakable food grade polycarbonate, the storage tank can be removed for cleaning. The storage tank is detachable so it makes it easy to clean and it can be mounted on the wall or even kept on the kitchen top. The capacity of the purifier is 7 litres, comes with 1 year warranty, works without electricity and is certified by CE.


  • It is self-serviceable.
  • Easy installation.
  • Easy cleaning.
  • Chemical free water purification process.
  • Purification capacity of one liter/minute.
  • Sturdy and durable plastic.


  • Only safe to be used with city municipal water as it is unable to remove the entire bacterial content so can’t be used with completely untreated water.
  • Needs to be cleaned frequently. 

2. Kent Gold Star 22-Litre Gravity Based Water Purifier

  • One year warranty.
  • The capacity of 14 Litres of purified water and add 8 Litres in the raw water tank
  • This is a gravity-based water purifier along with added Ultra-Filtration (UF) technology.

The Kent start water purifier is a gravity based water purifier that uses ultra filtration for removing bacteria, cyst and chemicals like Chlorine, Iodine from water. Only gravity-based water purifier that can be installed on the wall also. Almost all other similar water purifiers are required to be kept on the kitchen top. The storage capacity of water purifier is 14 litres of purified water and 8 litres of raw water. The purifier contains SS filter that removes visible particle, Sediment filter to remove impurities and activate carbon filter that removes bad odour from water and make water pure. It is tested and certified by WQA and NSF. The purifier is made of high quality food grade, unbreakable plastic and comes with 1 year warranty.


  • Simple assembly and takes about less than 10 minutes. Manual is provided along with for assistance.
  • Sturdy and durable plastic.
  • Chemical free water purification process.
  • Non-Electric.
  • Large storage capacity.


  • You are required to wash the filter frequently (about 2 times in a day) as membrane does get dirty. If you don’t do it then you won’t be able to get filtered water. This is a very hectic process.
  • The performance of this water purifier degrades after some months.
  • Unlike said the purifier requires a lot of maintenance.

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3. HUL Pureit WPWL100 Classic 23-Litre Gravity Water Purifier

  • Auto shut off technology.
  • Total capacity is 23 Litres. The capacity of clean water is 9 Litres.
  • It has been fitted with a life indicator for the germ kill technology

HUL is a gravity based water purifier that functions without electricity. The capacity of water purifier is 23 litres and contains four stage purification processes. The activated carbon trap that removes pesticides from water. They come with auto-shut off mechanism that saves water and delivers pure water. The germ kill kit removes germs, bacteria from water and the lifetime of it is 1500 litres, it will indicate when required to change. The virus removal technology that is inbuilt in purifier removes 1 crore virus in 1 litre of water. It is made of high quality plastic that are unbreakable and purifier comes with 6 month warranty. The purifier is certified by EPA.


  • Life of germ kill kit is estimated to be 1500 Litres and the new kit costs about Rs.500/- and also since this is a water purifier without electricity so these two things make this product highly economical.
  • Requires cleaning once in a month only.
  • Comes with a 6 months manufacturer’s warranty.
  • No installation required. Just place it on the spot of your choice and straightaway start using.
  • Doesn’t require tap connection.


  • No provision of the wall hanging.
  • No auto fill provision is there.
  • Not suitable for hard and salty water. Suitable for soft water or municipal water only.
  • You are required to pour water in the upper chamber and it gets purified and gets collected in the transparent lower chamber. However, you are required to keep an inch of space empty in the lower chamber. In case you fail to do so and continue pouring water in the upper chamber; the lower chamber will start leaking from the sides. This is told to the customer upon purchasing this product itself from the manufacturer side.
  • The first batch of filtered water is required to be discarded. Also if you use the product after a long period of time then also you are required to discard the first batch of a filter as it may contain particles from the polisher.

4. Tata Swach Non Electric Gravity Cristella Plus 18-Litre

  • Total capacity of 18 Litres, in that 9 Litres of purified water capacity.
  • It comes with 6 months on product warranty.
  • It has auto switch off mechanism.

This gravity-based water purifier without electricity boasts of advanced Silver Nano technology which removes 100 Crores of bacteria and about 1 Crore viruses from a Litre of water. It has auto switch off mechanism.

Water purification process is free of all harmful chemicals like chlorine, bromine or iodine. It has a Tata Swach Bulb for filtering water which has a purification capacity of about 3000 Litres. Body is made up of scratch less and food grade plastic. There is a life indicator also for the bulb.

2-way dispenser top. It can be used both upside and down to get water. Has a capacity of 18 Litres with 9 Litres of purified water capacity. No electricity or running water required. It comes with 6 months on product warranty.


  • One of the cheapest gravity-based water purifier without electricity. It is easy in the pocket and almost requires no maintenance.
  • Chemical free water purification process.
  • Tata Swach Bulb comes with a nominal cost of Rs.500/- and can be ordered online.
  • Good after-sale customer service.


  • Needs to be cleaned after about 4-5 days.
  • Suitable only for Municipal water.
  • Not suitable for a big family.
  • The manual supplied along with may confuse you as assembly details are not clearly given. 

5. Pureit Advanced 23 Litre Gravity Water Purifier

  • Auto shut off.
  • It has a multi-stage purification process.
  • The total capacity of 23 Litres with a Purified Water capacity of 9 Litres.

The Pureit water purifier is protected by double layer which helps to deliver pure water for drinking and the capacity of purifier is 23 litres. The purifier is designed to function under gravity and with out the use of electricity. The purifier removes 1 crore virus from 1 litre water, has auto shut-off facility to save water. The purifier body is made of unbreakable high quality plastic. The purifier functions with four stage purification process: Pre-programmed germ kill processor, advanced microfibre mesh, carbon polisher and micro-charges membrane. The micro-charged membrane present in purifier does double purification to remove impurities, the activates carbon trap removes pesticides and bad odour from water. The germ kill kit helps to remove microorganisms and it will indicate when required to change.


  • Easy to assemble and maintain an instruction manual for the same is supplied along with.
  • Water is purified without using harmful chemicals.
  • Taste of water is well maintained with no odor.


  • Requires carbon polisher and the mesh to be cleaned frequently in a week to get best quality water.
  • Suitable only for municipal or soft water; not for hard water or water containing toxic salts.
  • Requires pouring water manually.
  • If you are using muddy water it will choke up your filter quite fast and reduce its efficiency and life.
  • You need to discard water from first use and also if you use it after a gap of 4-5 days then also you are required to do the same.

6. Whirlpool Destroyer 6-Litre Water Purifierol 

  • Tank Capacity: 6 Litres
  • 1-year warranty and even works under low water pressure conditions.
  • Water is passed through a 5 stage purification process i.e. one pre-filter and 4 filters under EAT.

The Whirlpool water purifier works without electricity. The purification capacity id 6 litres and comes with one year warranty. The purifier is designed with Electro Adsorption Technology, that filters works effectively and does the function of 4 filter under 1. They retain the required essential minerals from water and make them healthy. This water purifier doesn’t waste water during the purification process, has auto-shut-off option that works effectively. The purification of water takes place in five stages, pre filtration and 4-in-1 EAT filtration. The filters must be changed after 5-6 months and the flow rate of purifier is 1 litre per minute



  • The tank may get dirty in about 6 months.
  • Not good after-service.
  • If the water in your area is really bad then you shouldn’t go for this. It is suitable for cleaning out municipality water.
  • Works best at a TDS of up to 500 ppm so you need to be sure about your water’s TDS before purchasing this one.

So, folks, these were the Best 6 Non-Electric Water Purifiers for Home Purpose India 2021.  I hope that you are able to find the one which suits you best and caters to your requirement.

If you have any other water purifier without electricity in mind and are currently using it then please do tell us in the comments section below and we will be updating this list for you. Your personal opinions are welcomed.




Kent Gold Plus

20 L

Kent Gold Star

22 L

HUL Pureit

23 L

Tata Swach

18 L

Eureka Forbes

20 L