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Kent Ace+ 7L RO+UF: The element which carries the very basic essence of life; water; is getting polluted nowadays and getting clean water to drink has become a hassle. That’s why; getting a water purifier for home has become an ultimate necessity nowadays. Now the question comes; which water purifier to buy out of all the options available? Today we are going to tell you about Kent Ace 7L RO+UF Water Purifier which with its double purification technology gives your family safe and healthy drinking water.

Kent Ace+ 7L RO UF Water Purifier Features & Specifications

  • This water purifier has a transparent top which lets you see the components inside. Double purification with RO + UF technology cleans your water an inbuilt TDS controller also makes sure that the important minerals are retained. Thus you get the dual benefit and three-stage water purification with this product.
  • The operation of this product is fully automatic. As soon as the water level in the storage tank goes below the maximum the purification process starts and stops when the tank is filled.
  • Switching mode power supply is built in this product which enables it to handle a wide range of AC voltages thus operating smoothly even at the times of power fluctuations.
  • The best water purifier brands have a total storage capacity of 7 litres is enough to handle the daily drinking needs of a small to medium-sized family.
  • The water purifier is built using ABS Plastic which is highly durable. This product is classified as food grade as it is ensured that no harmful chemicals enter the water.
  • Also, you will get a 1-year manufacturer warranty with this product.

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Our Review: Kent Ace Plus 7 Litre RO UF Water Purifier

  • This product takes only about 35 minutes to purify 7 liters of water which is great.
  • Also, the fully automatic operation makes it quite cost-effective in terms of electricity savings plus the machine is very silent and smooth even while in operation.
  • The output water quality is superb with taste retained and TDS only up to 50 ppm.
  • Also in the front, there is a water level indicator through which you can easily see the water level of the tank.
  • Plus this water purifier can be used with almost all water sources like bore wells, overhead storage tankers, water tankers, and even municipal tap water.


  • Fully automatic operation hence no manual intervention is required to check the level of water in the storage tank.
  • Ability to be used with all water sources.


  • This purifier is wall mountable and cannot be kept as standalone on kitchen top as it needs a running water supply.
  • Water wastage is more with this product.

So folks this was our review of Kent Ace + 7L RO + UF Water Purifier. I hope I am able to give you all the required information. However if you still have questions to ask you are always welcome to drop them in comments below.