AO Smith Z9 10 Litre Green RO Water Purifier Review [ Black Colour]

A.O Smith Z Series Water Purifiers are designed attractive and is the best fit for today’s modern kitchen. This RO Purifier gives you 100% purified water and at the same time, it saves 2X water compare to other water purifiers in the market. In AO Smith Z9, water purification is done in 8 stages i.e. 8 stage water purification. It comes with an electronic faucet, to dispense hot water ( 45 & 80 Degree Centigrade ] at a press of a button.

AO Smith Z9 10 L RO Water Purifier Features:

  • ART [ Advanced Recovery Technology ]

AO Smith’s patented Advanced Recovery Technology saves 2X more than ordinary water purifiers, with 100% RO Purified Water.

  • 8 Stage Water Purification:

It is Designed with 8 Stage Water Purification i.e water passes through 8 filters before getting store in the storage tank.

2)Sediment filter
3)Carbon block
4)ART™ (Advance Recovery Technology™)
5) Patented Side Stream RO Membrane
6)MIN-TECH (Mineraliser Technology)
7)ZX Double Protection Dual Filter (SAPC + SCMT).
8)RO Membrane.

  • RO + SCMT [ Membrane Technology ]

Silver Charge Membrane Technology SCMT is next stage i.e. POST RO Filtration to remove any potential microbial contamination. This Double Purification ensures high-quality of healthy water.

  • Get Hot Water [ 45°C and 80°C ]

AO Smith Z9 Water purifier is the only one which gives 100% RO Purified hot water at two different temperatures i.e 45°C and 80°C. With this water purifier in your kitchen, you need not buy Electric Kettle. Very handy to prepare Tea, Coffee, Soups, Baby Food, etc.

  • MIN-TECH (Mineraliser Technology)

MIN TECH adds all the essential minerals back to the water ,to maintain pH Balance & to make water tasty and fresh.

  • First Water Purifier with Night Glow Effect

Night Glow Effect helps in guiding you during night time and ofcourse it makes your Kitchen look elegant.

  • Alarm to Alert You

Advanced Alert technology to notify you when to change the filter & RO Membrane.

  • 1 Year Comprehensive Warranty

1-year comprehensive warranty including all filters and RO membrane, for complete peace of mind.

AO Smith z9 Water Purifier Specifications :

Net Weight 10.8 kgs Approx
Gross Weight 13.9 kgs Approx
Storage tank Capacity 15.2 Kgs
Hot Water Storage Capacity 0.8 Litres
Purifying Technology 8 Stage Water Purification with RO+SCMT
Input Voltage 150 – 300 VAC, 50 Hz
Pressure Rating 7 psi to 30 psi
Recovery % Up to > 55%
TDS Reduction ≥95% (approx.)

AO Smith Z9 RO Water Purifier [ Faqs ]

Does it Works it any type of Water i.e. Municipal, Bore Water, Tap Water
Does it Give Cool Water?
What Type of Water Purifier is this?

Our Review on AO Smith Z9 10 L RO Water Purifier 

One of the best Water purifier which comes with double water purification technology.It is equipped with hot water dispenser.


  • Recovers Highest Amount of Water [ More than 55% ]
  • Also works as Hot Water Dispenser
  • 8 Stage Water Purification to ensure healthy & Tasty Water.
  • Nigh Glow Effect to guide you at Night


  • Available in only one color [black]
  • Don’t Work without electricity