AO Smith Z9 10 Litre Green RO Water Purifier Review [ Black Colour]

A.O Smith Z Series Water Purifiers are designed attractive and is the best fit for todays modern Kitchen.This RO Purifier gives you 100% purified water and at the same time it saves 2X water compare to other water purifiers in the market.In AO Smith Z9,water purification is done in 8 stages i.e. 8 stage water purification.It Comes with an electronic faucet,to dispense hot water ( 45 & 80 Degree Centigrade ] at a press of button.

AO Smith Z9 10 L RO Water Purifier Features :

  • ART [ Advanced Recovery Technology ]

AO Smith’s patented Advanced Recovery Technology saves 2X more than ordinary water purifiers,with 100% RO Purified Water.

  • 8 Stage Water Purification :

It is Designed with 8 Stage Water Purification i.e water passes through 8 filters before getting store in the storage tank.

2)Sediment filter
3)Carbon block
4)ART™ (Advance Recovery Technology™)
5) Patented Side Stream RO Membrane
6)MIN-TECH (Mineraliser Technology)
7)ZX Double Protection Dual Filter (SAPC + SCMT).
8)RO Membrane .

  • RO + SCMT [ Membrane Technology ]

Silver Charge Membrane Technology SCMT is next stage i.e. POST RO Filtration to remove any potential microbial contamination.This Double Purification ensures high quality healthy water.

  • Get Hot Water [ 45°C and 80°C ]

AO Smith Z9 Water purifier is the only one which gives 100% RO Purified hot water at two different temperatures i.e 45°C and 80°C. With this water purifier in you kitchen,you need not buy Electric Kettle.Very handy to prepare Tea,Coffee,Soups,Baby Food etc.

  • MIN-TECH (Mineraliser Technology)

MIN TECH adds all the essential minerals back to the water ,to maintain pH Balance & to make water tasty and fresh.

  • First Water Purifier with Night Glow Effect

Night Glow Effect helps in guiding you during night time and ofcourse it makes your Kitchen look elegant.

  • Alarm to Alert You

Advanced Alert technology to notify you when to change the filter & RO Membrane.

  • 1 Year Comprehensive Warranty

1 year comprehensive warranty including all filters and RO membrane, for complete peace of mind.

AO Smith z9 Water Purifier Specifications :

Net Weight10.8 kgs Approx
Gross Weight13.9 kgs Approx
Storage tank Capacity15.2 Kgs
Hot Water Storage Capacity0.8 Litres
Purifying Technology8 Stage Water Purification with RO+SCMT
Input Voltage150 – 300 VAC, 50 Hz
Pressure Rating7 psi to 30 psi
Recovery %Up to > 55%
TDS Reduction≥95% (approx.)

AO Smith Z9 RO Water Purifier [ Faqs ]

Does it Works it any type of Water i.e. Municipal ,Bore Water,Tap Water
Does it Give Cool Water ?
What Type of Water Purifier is this ?

Our Review on AO Smith Z9 10 L RO Water Purifier 

One of the best Water purifier which comes with double water purification technology.It is equipped with hot Water dispenser.


  • Recovers Highest Amount Water [ More than 55% ]
  • Also works as Hot Water Dispenser
  • 8 Stage Water Purification to ensure healthy & Tasty Water.
  • Nigh Glow Effect to guide you at Night


  • Available in only one colour [ black ]
  • Don’t Work with out Electricity


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