KENT Supreme Lite Price In India 2022

KENT Supreme Lite Price In India

KENT Supreme Lite Price In India 2022 1

Water is essential to every living thing in the World. Of course, we as humans think of consuming pure water, especially for drinking. In this list, KENT supreme plays an essential role in today’s market, mainly in its water purification appliance. The well-designed water purifier helps purify all the dissolved contaminants, microorganisms, and other types of chemicals effectively present in the water. Kent Supreme lite is a wall-mountable RO water purifier with the KENT mineral RO technology and TDS control system.


  • Presence of TDS controller that helps to retain essential minerals during purification.
  • The weight of the appliance is 10Kg which is easy to set as wall mounting.
  • They are designed effectively with leak-proof performance.


  • The water purifier needs a constant power supply for the continuous process.


KENT RO water purifiers are certified and awarded from the internationally renowned Gold seal of the WQA. The specific appliance also got the certification from NSF, which is from the USA. KENT also has been awarded for gradual growth on shining testimony to its phenomenal reach, and it is the perfect product accepted by most of the global audience. These are the best certification provided to the product in which its process removes contaminants and other pollutants clearly from the water making the consuming process water-efficient.


KENT Supreme is one of the famous brands explicitly designed to satisfy consumers with its use. The appliance’s weight is about 10 Kg, which tends to be an easy carry option and goes with the feasible feature for wall mounting capability. KENT Supreme water purifier embedded with filter type of sediment, carbon block filter, UF, post-carbon where the water does pass through all the process and comes with the result of purified water with essential minerals present in it.

The membrane type is of RO membrane and UF membrane successfully, which can correspondingly reject dissolved minerals present in the water and filter solid particulate. The dimensions designed are attractive and pleasant to place in your living space, 430 x 270 x 630mm. It is powerfully packed with a storage facility, and its capacity is about 9 Litres, whereas filtration capacity is 15L overall.

The ideal KENT supreme water purifier is equipped with an In-tank UV disinfectant feature to maintain the water’s purification state for a more extended period. The UV light present in the appliance does this excellent work.

KENT Supreme Lite Price In India 2022 2

Power Features

KENT Supreme Ro water purifier consumes about 60 watts overall for its effective operation. The specific requirement of the power for its process is 100 – 300 V and 50Hz. The rate of voltage during operation is 24 V. These features are very relevant to the KENT supreme water purifier.

Purification Process

In KENT Supreme water purifier, water purification technology undergoes the management of treating water with double purification technology of RO + UV + UF, which helps in easy removal of contaminants from water. KENT’s patented Mineral Reverse Osmosis technology works highly to reject the dissolved minerals essential to our human health and efficiently maintain water quality. The extraordinary feature of the TDS controller filters out all the solid particles, which is safe for consumption. The embedded technique of double purification effectively makes the ideal water purifier for purifying all types of water like tank water, municipal water, brackish water, etc. The multiple purification process ensures not only to remove all the chemicals, bacteria, viruses, salts, impurities, etc. but also actively works on improving the taste of the water for consumption purposes.

Storage Capacity

As KENT Supreme water purifier works on an electricity basis, the appliance should need water storage capacity for continuous benefit. This system is beneficial for the areas where they are facing a lot of power-cut problems. Generally, the storage capacity of the appliance is designed with the dual facility in storage feature, which is 9 + 9liters more than enough for large families. KENT Supreme water purifier comes with a two-tank design where purified water is stored in one tank and rejected water is placed in another tank, thereby avoiding water wastage. You can go with the safe water by using the rejected water for other washable purposes.

Save water technology

KENT Supreme water purifier is one of the best models readily designed with the safe water technology feature. The better part of saving almost 50% of water flows through is treated as purified. Whereas the conventional RO water purifier wastage comes about 80%, only 20% water is retained as filtered. KENT supreme water purifier saves the water for our future generation by storing rejected water in a tank for other uses. The high purification capacity of up to 20L/hr is ensured to get the continuous water supply even during the power cut-off time.

Automatic on/off operation

The powerful KENT supreme water purifier consists of fully automatic operation, an on/off function. That is the unique feature that goes to the mechanical off state when the storage tank is full and starts functioning when the water level in the storage tank reaches the maximum level.

Leakage proof

The beautiful KENT supreme water purifier is made up of ABS Food Grade Plastic which gives the complete protection act on the non-breakable unit. The body material is made up of solid plastic, which withstands the capability, durability and tends not to allow any leakage. Thus, the unique water purifier reads for the leakage proof feature effectively for the user’s safety.


In the current situation, of course, everyone needs to think of their health needs to consume all healthy foods and healthy water. Healthy water comes from the water purifier where it becomes one of the essential appliances in day to day life of everyone. KENT Supreme water purifier, thinking on users health designed effectively to consume the truly purified water where the user can stay calm that they are drinking the purified water. It has all the unique features where the water is treated to all the technology like RO + UF + UV flows out with the 100% sufficient purified water.

Also, KENT supreme water purifier is designed in an environmentally friendly way that doesn’t waste much water during the purification process. Even the rejected water is collected in one tank where the user can use it for other purposes. These all features in the appliance come at an affordable price where the user can go for the right choice of buying a KENT supreme product that makes sense.