KENT Prime Plus Price In India 2022

KENT Prime Plus Price In India

KENT Prime plus is one of the best RO water purifiers that introduced India’s first RO water purifier designed with the water storage tank’s UV disinfection technique. The high-tech water purifier is the latest model that emerged from the KENT model successfully. The operation and function of the water purifier come with a feature-packed digital display that gives you comprehensive information about the purifier. KENT Prime plus comprises advanced state-of-the-art technology that tends to provide the perfect purified and healthy water.

The model is best suited for Indian homes and offices as any water is actively ready to purify with this appliance. The water is like a brackish, tap, municipal corporation, etc. KENT technology is carried forward with many innovations and initiatives for the water purifier undergoing multiple purification processes that ensure that the result is 100% pure water for consumption readily.

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  • Designed with an advanced digital display that tells about the mineral content in the water.
  • Presence of LED indicator for filter life, error, a tank full, RO flow, power on/off, auto flushing on/off
  • Comprises 1-year warranty and three years of service free availability.


  • Compared to the other water purifiers, the price range is a little high.


KENT Prime plus, the most effective model among the water purifiers, comes with the wall mountable feature where the user need not worry about its weight. As the weight of the product is about 8.6 Kg and thus the maintenance of the appliance is easy with its considerable weight. The dimension of the water purifier is 41 x 26 x 52 cm, which is very compact in look and highly suitable for even the small-sized kitchen.

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KENT Prime plus water purifier is embedded with the technology specifically headed on various innovations and initiatives. The technology expertise to the latest water purifier model is the best fit for all places like homes, offices, etc. The unique feature present to the water purifier is that the zero water wastage mechanism helps retain the minerals contents to the purified water. Also, the UV light in the storage tank maintains the purified state of the water for a more extended period, thus ensuring safety for consumption even after some time probably.

Advanced Digital Display

There is an extraordinary digital display feature that helps bring you the notice about every important thing about the KENT Prime plus water purifier. And the indication of information such as RO flow rate, RO pump on/off, power on/off, a tank full, filter replacement, and error. The presence of a digital display also tells the user on the flush on/off indicating that the signal on the RO membrane is getting flushed automatically.

Mineral content present in the purified water is also showcased with the help of an advanced digital display feature. The KENT Prime plus water purifier comes with a detailed error reporting program packed along with an alert on all types of errors possibly.

Multiple purification process

KENT Prime Plus water purifier designed with multiple processes such as RO + UV + UF + TDS Control + UV disinfectant has been undergone to effectively meet the water with purified state. In this purification process, the raw water moves to every stage where it not only removes the dissolved impurities but also acts smarter in removing all the chemicals, bacteria, viruses, and unwanted salts. After the water is purified, moving to all these stages actively improves the taste of the purified water.

KENT patented mineral ROTM technology maintains all the essential natural minerals without being washed out during the purification process. This is done by the TDS controller that provides completely safe and tasty drinking water.


9 Litres of the storage tank is present in the KENT Prime plus water purifier, which acts as an excellent facility that provides the water at any time, even during the absence of electricity. The specified water purifier comes with a purification capacity of up to 20 liters/hour. So the one who needed the fast process that results in 100% purified water then they go with the option to buy the KENT Prime plus water purifier.

Auto flushing technique

The digital display of the water purifier provides the exact status of the indications whether the auto flush option is in an on/off state specifically. Auto flush is the method that practically prevents the scaling of the RO membrane that carries out the washing away of the membrane surfaces, making it clean by removing all the impurities present in it. Auto flushing mainly helped to reduce the RO reject water and thereby improves the membrane’s efficiency resulting in the effective purification process. This function is also leading to the increase of the membrane’s life constantly.

UV Purification tank

This is the highly specified process that prevents the purified water from contamination and is safe for consumption. To overcome the contamination in the storage tank KENT Prime plus water purifier undergoes UV purification process and retains the purified state for more time. The storage tank consists of a UV lamp feature where the presence of an LED light system actively kills the bacteria formation and maintains its state throughout, leading to healthy drinking water.

Save Water technology

Generally, excessive water usage by the RO water purifier is another common problem every appliance will face. But the excellent feature enables the KENT Prime plus water purifier to reduce the water wasted during the purification process completely. Having the practice of more extraordinary performance, the fantastic appliance recovers about 50% of water using a computer-controlled method.

The technology does not send the rejected water to the drain; instead, it lets it store in a separate tank where the user can use it for other purposes like cleaning, gardening, and washing.


It is necessary to go with the water treatment that is the purified water mainly for consumption for humans in this critical condition environment. Does it make sense to drink untreated water?

Of course not; everyone likes to drink purified water that the water undergoes with the KENT Prime plus water purifier acts as safe water for drinking. KENT Prime Plus water purifier is the best water purifier with various features that best suits Indian life. The specifications such as a high capacity storage facility that is 9 Litres range makes sense to move towards the product. And the beneficial features, such as UV purification technology, auto flushing technique, etc., help the user go with the right choice of buying. It also comes with the environmentally friendly product that the RO water purification technique has safe water technology. The reuse of rejected water stored in the tank can be used for other purposes leading to safe water. These unique features enable the KENT Prime Plus water purifier to have a bit of higher pricing range than the other products.