KENT Pearl Star Price In India 2022

KENT Pearl Star Price In India 

KENT Pearl Star is the qualitative range of water purifiers with easily wall-mountable RO purifiers that come with the Digital display. Eleven thousand one hundred eighteen are manufactured using quality material and advanced techniques, which are very standard in all the challenging fields that are sourced most reliable. The popularity of the KENT brand is widely spread in the market for its high quality. It is specially dedicated to the excellent quality of the KENT pearl star water purifier. The best water purifier appliance has a transparent Detachable Tank that works on high-performance capabilities to purify the water type such as brackish, tap, and municipal corporation water.


  • Designed smartly for a high range of performance.
  • Presence of saving water technology route to touch environmental oriented water purifiers.
  • Best suitable purification enables all sources of water.


  • The specific brand comes with a high maintenance cost.


The KENT Pearl Star water purifier’s stylish design effectively uses multiple purification processes that actively removes even dissolved impurities such as arsenic, rust, pesticides, and fluorides. The unique work on the intelligent design is managed in the water purifier, which is suitable for tabletop and wall-mountable that comes with the detachable storage tank for user-friendly convenience.

The dimension of the appliance is about 33 x 47 x 40.5cm, forming the perfect product that can be placed anywhere with its compact ability feature. You can go with the easy installation process, and the design is fit for tabletop or wall mounting feature enables weighting 10.8 Kg.

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KENT Pearl Star enjoys many trusted consumers, about 50 lakh people across India that makes the constant growth feature to its phenomenal reach and acceptance even by the consumers globally. The specified KENT brand has received many awards and certifications where the KENT brand is identified and recognized for many prestigious awards like national and international.

KENT RO purifiers have a list of certifications from NSF International and the renowned Gold seal of the WQA from the USA, and CE certifications.

100% purified water

KENT Pearl star is one of the best RO water purifiers that actively removes the impurities and dirt present in the water and filters all the unwanted chemicals and salts, microorganisms like bacteria, viruses, and dissolved contaminants like arsenic and rust pesticides, and fluorides. This effective removal of all the impurities leads to the 100% purified water effective for consuming the water for drinking, which tends to the healthy life of humans. The filtered water range from the KENT pearl Star purifier meets the water standards of IS:10500.

Purification process

The multiple purification process is followed in the KENT Pearl star water purifier. The process being RO + UV + UF + TDS Control makes the impure water that is perfect 100% pure and suitable for drinking purposes. The Reverse Osmosis process of purification KENT comes with a TDS control valve that retains essential natural minerals in the drinking water after purification. Being the best purification system enhanced to the KENT Pearl Star water purifier after completing the purification process improves the water taste effectively for consumption.

Storage capacity

KENT Pearl Star comprises 11 liters of a storage tank where the user can use the water even when there is no power. As the storage capacity of the water purifier comes with little high features compared to the other products in the market, it is best suitable for the family with more numbers. At the top of the line, the water purifier with the transparent detachable storage tank gives the user a better cleaning facility without any hassle. This transparent feature of the detachable tank ensures easy identification of water present in the tank for drinking. This acceptable model also helps to maintain easy identification of cleanliness and thus helps in the cleaning process.

Zero wastage technology

Zero wastage technology is one of the best technologies that followed in the KENT Pearl Star water purifier that works on the recirculation of the rejected water to the overhead tank. Any water source can undergo purification in this specified appliance does all its work to gain 100% pure water efficiently. The consumer can save every drop of water using this Zero wastage technology built within the product.

Auto flushing technique

Auto flushing is the process of scaling the RO membrane from washing and cleaning the surface of the membrane all time automatically. This leads to the removal of the complete impurities from the layer of the membranes, thereby effectively increasing the membrane’s life. KENT Pearl Star having the presence of a quality membrane unit that does its work with efficacy in purifying process that provided in reducing feature of the RO rejected water

Digital display feature

KENT Pearl Star, designed with the power model and the digital display unit, is very user-friendly, where the user can conveniently operate the appliance. The perfection of the digital display informs the user of various states such as water purity, filter life, RO flow rate, and the quality of the purified water. With this use of the KENT Pearl Star water purifier, the user need not compromise on any of the features as it consists of overall feature benefits and a guarantee of 100% purified water safe for drinking purposes.

Power usage

KENT Pearl Star water purifier uses a power supply of 100-250 V AC, a moderate power supply that rates less on your electricity bill. And the UV Lamp power of about 5000 hours approximately. The extraordinary feature of the KENT Pearl Star water purifier comes with the 11 W UV Lamp Wattage results in killing bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms, thereby increasing the quality of the water.


Want to enjoy the overall benefit of the perfect water purifier with a low-cost facility?

Then the right product to choose from you is the KENT Pearl Star water purifier. The popular water purifier brand comes with all the latest models with complete features enabled to it resulting in getting the 100% purified water for consumption. It is one of the best appliances for Indian life designed with stylish work and has a transparent detachable storage tank easy for the water level, which is also effectively clean knowing its presence of dirt.

The purifier’s high technology digital display work is designed with a user-friendly model where the user can efficiently operate and know the water purity, filter’s life, RO flow rate, and purified water quality. The better perspective in its storage facility of about 11 Litres is of a high speed compared to the other products in the market today.