KENT Pearl Price In India 2022

Are you looking for a Kent Pearl Price in India? Well, this article is for you, and also, this Kent Pearl Price in India post lets you know all other details about the water purifier. 

KENT Pearl Price In India

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Water is the most fundamental component of each living organism. Water plays a vital role in everything necessary for growing and is the source of all life activities. With our country’s rapid economic development in recent years, it is clear to all that every river is severely contaminated. More than 80% of surface water and groundwater are polluted as a result of industrial wastewater discharge. 

In today’s world, a Water purifier is necessary for our houses to remove all toxins from the water, thus keeping us healthy. Water purifier permanently destroys dangerous microorganisms in all types of water without reducing their natural clarity, taste, or smell. Kent pearl water purifier is suitable for everyone with its stylish, transparent water storage tank and multiple purification system, making you happy with the goodness of pure and clean water.


  • Kent Pearl is ideal for household use because of its multiple purification technique (RO+UF+UV) and Auto Flushing System.
  • Higher efficiency in purifying 20 Liters of water.
  • The clear and detachable 8-liter storage tank may be simply removed and cleaned without the assistance of a technician.


  • The cost of maintenance is high. However, this is true for the majority of RO+UV water purifiers. When the alarm goes off every two months, replace the sediment filter, activated carbon, and post-carbon filter. Once a year, you should also replace the RO membrane and UV bulb.
  • Electricity is constantly required all the time for its operation.

Storage Capacity

The water purifier has an 8-liter storage capacity. The filtering capacity is about 20-liter per hour, ensuring that the water is pure and healthy; hence no water is wasted in its purifying process. Kent Pearl water purifier has a detachable storage tank, making it simple to clean the water purifier’s storage tank without technical assistance, which is quite convenient to the consumer.


The stylish design of the Kent Pearl water purifier has a dimension of 33 x 47 x 40.5 cm with a net weight of 10.8 Kg, which is very compact in the model. The body material of this device is designed with ABS Food Grade and Non-breakable Plastic Construction. This advanced model is suitable for wall mounting or countertops, so the user can save space in a kitchen or switch it anywhere according to the user’s need. The total power consumption for the Best Water Purifier Under 20000 requires 60 Watt for its operation.

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Purification System

Kent RO Water purifier is well suitable to purify Tap Municipal Corporation with the multiple purification system of RO+UV+UF with TDS Control. The effective work present in the specific water purifier is the Auto Flushing system which makes water 100% pure and suitable for drinking. Even dissolved contaminants (hard salts, heavy metals, etc.) are reduced after the initial filtration by a RO membrane with a porosity of 0.0001 microns. 

The UV procedure is used twice to offer comprehensive protection against bacteria and viruses. Furthermore, the unique TDS Control System automatically keeps critical natural minerals in purified water, ensuring that your health and well-being are fully protected. Kent Pearl purifies the water in 6 stages.

Stage 1Sediment Filter- The first stage of purification removes physical pollutants from the water, such as sand, dirt, and dust, making it completely clean and clear.

Stage 2Activated Carbon Filter- It removes toxic chlorine and chlorine by-products from the water, which are commonly found in municipal water because it is treated with chlorine for purification. Additionally, the activated carbon filter eliminates pollutants that cause unpleasant taste and odor as well as volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from the water.

Stage 3Ultra-Filtration- This filter cleans the impurities in the remaining water. This stage essentially serves as a shield for the RO membrane, which is very expensive. The use of the particular membrane is delicate and can be harmed by physical or visual contaminants such as sand, mud, or dust. 

Stage 4RO Membrane- This stage is initiated with no visible impurities left in the water. The pores in the RO membrane are as small as 0.00001 microns. Water is pushed across a RO membrane, which filters out dissolved salts, solids, and heavy metals, including mercury, arsenic, and lead.

Stage 5UV purification- A UV bulb is used in this stage. At this point, the water is exposed to UV rays from the UV bulb, which inactivates all the microorganisms like dangerous bacteria, viruses, and protozoans in the water, resulting in microbe-free.

Stage 6- Post Carbon Filter- This is the final stage of the purification process that successfully eliminates all disease-causing pollutants which lead to serious illness. This stage is essentially a polisher for the cleansed water. Some vital minerals may be eliminated from the water during this filtration, but the post-carbon filter adds important minerals to the water, making it healthier for consumption. Most importantly, Chemicals are not used in the treatment of water at Kent Pearl.

Reverse Osmosis Process

The Reverse Osmosis (RO) technique or hyperfiltration is the most advanced filtering method available today, particularly in Kent Pearl water purifiers. The procedure ensures that particles as tiny as ions are removed from a solution. To remove salts from potable/brackish water, reverse osmosis uses a semipermeable membrane. 

Water pressure supplied to the concentrated side forces the osmosis process to reverse in reverse osmosis. Purer water is “squeezed” across the membrane from the concentrated to the diluted side when enough pressure is applied. The RO membrane repels salts dissolved in water as charged ions. The rejected pollutants on the concentrated side of the membrane are carried away in a wastewater stream, thus not accumulated in the base filter.

Auto Flushing System

The Auto Flushing System is designed in the Kent Pearl water purifier to assist prevent the RO membrane from scaling or fouling by giving a quick rinse that removes contaminants from the membrane’s surface and keeps it clean. It also increases RO membrane efficiency by increasing the “TDS” rejection rate and the RO membrane’s life. The system also reduces the amount of water that is rejected during its operation, thereby saving water for future generations.

Ultra Violet Process

UV light has a shorter wavelength which has more energy than visible light. UV is slightly beyond violet light in the light spectrum, and it is defined as any wavelength of light that is less than 400 nanometers in length. UV rays penetrate the microorganisms and are absorbed by the pathogen’s DNA in the water. The pathogen’s DNA has been changed in such a way that it can no longer reproduce. As a result, it is effectively dead and cannot spread illness by consuming the water.

TDS Control System

Customers can keep the contents of natural minerals (TDS) in purified water as long as they like. As a result, it makes it safe for consumption. You can alter the controls by two modes:

  1. When the valve’s screw is turned counter-clockwise, the mineral content rises.
  2. When the Valve screw is turned clockwise, the mineral content is reduced.

Zero Water Wastage Technology

Kent Pearl water purifier works on recirculating the rejected water to the above tank using its own pump, resulting in zero water wastage during the purifying process. The efficient technology allows you to generate 100% pure water without retaining the essential minerals.

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Depending on the necessity, we can switch the mode of operations in the ideal water purifier likewise.

Filter Change Alarm Mode has a built-in feature that produces an audible alarm when filters need to be replaced. It will be heard after 700 hours of use since the last filter change or installation time.

UV Fail Alarm– Due to its in-built mechanism, the device generates an audible alarm if the UV Lamp fails, and this feature is included to ensure the water’s purity and goodness.

Automatic Operation– When the purifier is not in use, it shuts down automatically, and it will restart automatically when the water level in the storage tank falls below the maximum. The purifier cleans and flushes the RO system periodically on its own. The purifier does not allow any water rejection in the membrane when there is no electricity or when the tank is full. But when the inlet water supply pressure falls below 0.3 kg/cm, the purifier will not start.

Computerized Operations

A microprocessor is inserted in the Kent Pearl purifier to assure delivery of purer and healthier water.

  • UV Stabilization Delay- When the purifier is turned on, the controller offers a two-second delay to the UV lamp to ensure that it is preheated and performing at its best before disinfecting the water. The UV light is turned on during this time, and the purifier’s other electrical equipment is turned off.
  • Purification Delay- When the purifier is turned on, the system includes a 5-second delay to ensure the water in the internal pipes and UV chamber is sterilized before it is delivered into the storage tank.
  • Audible Alarm- The controller also regulates the timing of the UV Fail Alarm and Filter Change Alarm.


KENT Purifiers are the only purifiers that offer three years of free service after the first year of warranty, giving you peace of mind and assuring that you have 100% pure water all the time. Also, it has been awarded NSF International (USA) Certification, Gold Seal of the WQA (USA), and CE Certification. So Kent Purifier is the top choice from other RO water purifiers with its amazing purification capacity and no such water wastage, thus making our family members happy and healthy.