5 Best RO Water Purifiers in India 2022 (Reviews)

Reverse osmosis is a process that works well for your water purification needs. The practice, which is also called RO, ensures that harmful contaminants can be removed from your water with ease.

This guide will help you note what you can get out of a quality RO water purifier. You will also discover how the RO process works. You’ll see in this guide that is easy for you to have the cleanest and safest water when you use a reverse osmosis purifier.

The purifier options you can work with include models that feature different standards for operation. You’ll have to look well at how these can function for your water needs so you’ll have more control over your water experience no matter what you want to get out of it.

Best RO Water Purifiers India

Here are the Five Best RO Water Purifier in India 2022

1. HUL Pureit Classic RO + UV 6 Stage Table Top/Wall Mountable White & Blue 5 litres Water Purifier

HUL Pureit Classic RO + UV 6 stage Table Top/Wall Mountable White & Blue 5 litres Water Purifier

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Your first choice for a quality VO water purifier is this model from HUL. This six-liter filter features an auto-shutoff function that will read how much water comes through and stop working after it notices you’ve got too much coming in.

The added ultraviolet support in the purifier body will help to kill off the smallest bits of bacteria that you might come across. About 90 percent of all dissolved solids will be eliminated thanks to the filtration feature. This ensures you’ll have more control over your water without it being too hard to handle.

The carbon filter feature also does well with collecting some of the largest compounds you might come across. The design gives you extra help with cleaning out your water and making the most out of your work in cleaning your water.


  • Easy to install in moments
  • The fittings work without leaks
  • The alert system lets you know when leaks are coming


  • The plastic body feels weak
  • The carbon filter feature can run out of power rather quickly

2. R.K. AQUA FRESH INDIA White Ultra Advanced 12 Ltrs 14 Stage RO Water Purifier

R.k. Aqua Fresh India Swift 12ltrs 14Stage Purification (Ro+Ultravoilet+Ultra fileration+Mineral Catridges+Tds Adjuster)With Pre Filter Set

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Your second option for an RO filter is this RK Aqua Fresh India model. This is a model that features an RO and UV treatment layout. The cartridge that this comes with will also help you with getting the water purified well, thus giving you extra control over your experience. 

The level indicator is also helpful for your purification needs. The level will list information on how well this is taking in water. You’ll have an easier time making more out of the purification process while producing a simple approach for keeping your water under control.

The slim body provides a good arrangement that fits in well with any kitchen. You can use this even if you have a smaller kitchen to work with. This should not be overly hard to handle when managed well enough.


  • Can handle hundreds of liters of water every hour
  • Includes UV failure alarm
  • The filter change alarm lets you know when you need to take care of the inside parts


  • The body is fragile
  • It may be difficult for you to install this in your home

3. KENT Super Plus 8-litres Wall Mountable RO + UF + TDS Controller (White) 15-Ltr/hr Water Purifier

KENT Super Plus 8-litres Wall Mountable RO + UF + TDS Controller (White) 15-Ltr/hr Water Purifier

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Kent makes this with a compact body that can handle eight liters at a time. But the body can also work with about 15 liters in an hour depending on how well the water flows through. The sediment and active charcoal cartridges on the inside making it easy for you to keep the water secure.

The ultraviolet support on the inside also does well with cleaning out your water and ensuring it will stay healthy. The design removes the impurities from your water to keep it healthy and easy to handle. The TDS control feature also ensures that natural minerals are going to be kept in your purified water. The design ensures the water won’t be tough to work within any case.

A small spout can be found on the bottom part of the purifier. The spout lets you take out water and use it for anything you want. This adds to the functionality of the work in question.


  • Works on raw water from borewells
  • The push fit components ensure the body will not leak
  • Does not produce lots of vibrations while in regular use


  • The spout takes a bit to dispense water
  • The automatic shutoff feature might take a bit to function

4. Aquatec Plus – Advance plus 12 ltr RO + UV + UF + TDS Water purifier for home

Aquatec Plus - Advance plus 12 ltr RO + UV + UF + TDS Water purifier for home (white black) work up to 3000 tds

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Aquatec makes this next model with multiple steps for handling water. The 12-liter body uses an RO design to force water through and to keep sediment from being a threat. The added UF and UV support features work well when cleaning out the water.

A small spout on the bottom part helps you dispense the water. It only takes a few moments for the water that goes into your purifier to be cleaned out and then available for use on the spout. It doesn’t take much for the waste materials to be removed, although this would require an added amount of help to make it all work well.


  • The compact body fits well in any plumbing system
  • The filter feature works on small and large particles alike
  • The pre-filter and other parts are easy to clean out and replace as necessary


  • There is a potential for rejection on the inside
  • The spout flow is slow

5. Blue Star Aristo RO+UV AR4BLAM01 7-Litre Water Purifier

Blue Star Aristo RO+UV 7-Litre Water Purifier,White, AR4WHAM01

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You can also use this Blue Star purifier if you need extra assistance with cleaning out your water. The purifier gives you help with cleaning out your water while also coming with a compact body that is easy to support.

The purification alert feature on this model helps you keep your water clean as you work with it. The unit does not require much power for operation either. This provides a better amount of control for going forward and making it easier for you to handle your water well enough.


  • Uses a six-stage purification process
  • The activated carbon feature makes it easier for you to handle water well
  • The low-pressure alert feature lets you know when the pressure levels are changing


  • The small body is also rather fragile
  • It can make a bit of noise when you get it working

What Is Reverse Osmosis?

Reverse osmosis is an effort that entails removing harmful minerals and ions from your water. The water goes through a semi-permeable reverse osmosis membrane to clean it out.

The RO process is the opposite of osmosis, as the name suggests. Osmosis occurs when compounds in many solutions migrate to form one larger solution. For instance, freshwater can go through many surfaces and eventually collect more sodium ions to produce saltwater.

This makes the water hard for a person to consume. The fresh water in this situation goes through a membrane that causes contaminants to collect and get into the water.

Reverse osmosis works differently, as it forces contaminated water through a membrane to remove the ions and other minerals. The compounds are collected by the membrane to allow the water to stay clean and safe to consume.

The RO works with a few steps:

  1. A pump will take in the contaminated water.
  2. High amounts of pressure are applied to the pump. The pressure will increase on the salt side of the osmosis chamber.
  3. The water is forced into the semi-permeable reverse osmosis membrane.
  4. A reject stream will take in the contaminated content. The stream has to move everything in a different direction.
  5. The permeate water will go in the direction that you want it to move in. This includes a sink tap or other place that you can draw the water out of.

The work by the filter ensures that you’ll clear out various compounds that might compromise the quality of your water. You will remove salt, bacteria, and colloids among other things.

Your RO filter will also take in more water than you might expect. You’ll have to look at the capacity of your filter and how it will fit in your home. In many instances, your filter will work around one tap in your home, particularly in your kitchen. But you can find some whole-home models for your use as well. Check carefully to see how well your filter works.

Some other purification features may come with your filter. These include purification points like ultraviolet filtration. Extra systems are designed to ensure the water in question is protected and will not be difficult to handle.

You’ll still have to look at how well the filter operates if you want to make it work well enough. Don’t forget to look at how much water can be handled at a time.


All the options you have for a RO filter for your home are worth noting. You’ll have to see that whatever you choose to apply works for your home. You’ll appreciate finding a choice for your home that works well with keeping your water under control and healthy for use.

Best RO Water Purifiers in India With Price